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AVG Support Help: How it got started?

AVG antivirus or Antivirus Guard gets originated and developed by AVG technologies. It is also a subsidiary of Avast. This antivirus is available in all the three devices like Android, Windows, and Mac. 

When talking about its origin, AVG antivirus was first originated in 1992 through Grisoft’s first product. At that time, it was launched as ‘Anti-Virus Guard’ in the Czech Republic. Late in 1997, the first AVG license was sold in Germany and then in the UK. A year later, 1998 it was introduced to the US market. If you want to know more about this, you can contact the technical support team through AVG support number. 

In 2006, the AVG security package facilitated anti-spyware as AVG Technology acquired by Ewido Networks, a yet another antivirus spyware group. Not only that, AVG technologies also confirmed the assistance of Exploit Prevention Labs in December 2007. In 2009, AVG Technologies confirmed its bonding with Sana Security, a developer of Identity theft prevention software. 

According to AVG Technology report, the company has more than 200 million active users. This number also includes 100 million active users use has AVG antivirus in their phones. In July 2016, Avast announced an agreement with AVG for $1.3 million.

Main Features it enjoys

AVG antivirus to provides remarkable best and supreme-class of antivirus services. Like any other antivirus company, it may also include periodical scanning process, scanning of sent and received emails, repairs virus-struck digital structures and frameworks. If you want to know more about this, you can contact through AVG technologies support phone number.

Features include: 

  1. Link scanner: Known for providing the best and most vital antivirus services, AVG Technology assists its users with link scanning services. This may include real-time protection updating against any exploit and driven downloads. Its services may also include a search shield that incorporates a safe search component that places safety ratings besides- Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Another feature like active surf-shield which is for letting the user know whether the link is clean and safe to get opened. If you want to have any assistance regarding your antivirus, then contact the experts through the AVG tech support number. 


  1. AVG Online Shield: It was learned through AVG support number that this has been specially designed to keep tap with virus activity or any intrusion of malware while sharing any doc or file over the web. In July 2008, AVG announced that search shield will no longer scan through all search engine results which may cause spike in the scanning process, exploitation of the data. 

AVG Support Help for Secured Digital Working

If you already have AVG antivirus installed over your device, then you must be witnessing security protection through ‘Green Status’ of your account. Or else, it would turn red and will tell that it needs your attention and scanner should be run for better functioning of the device.  

The main screen of your device will indicate the protection component. The components include:  

Basic Component

  • Computer: Here, you can check all on your own but if you want any professional assistance then you can AVG customer care phone number. Resident shield can scan through your device for any potential threats. The software analyzer monitors all the programs which are installed in your device and will let know any malicious thing is present in your device. 
  • Web and Email: Here, AVG antivirus has an upper hand that scan and keep all your online browsing safe and no such instance should occur if there is any intake of virus or malware. Not only that, it also scan all the information and its sharing that takes places through emails and other sharing medium. 


Entire protection

  • Hackers attack:  Firewall blocks network threats.
  • Private data: Data Safe restricts your complete data from breached through private data folder. 
  • Payments: Anti-spam keeps all your data clean and secured junked by malicious activities. 

If you want a detailed description of the antivirus, then here you will get a guide of AVG Security. This may include AVG antivirus (basic plan) and AVG internet security along with the basic feature also (premium plan). 

From AVG basic plan, you will get free protection essentials that can stop viruses, spyware, ransom ware, and other malware. This may also include blocking unsafe links emails and downloads. This may also include scanning through your PC from detecting any malicious activity. It all adorn with real-time updates.

When we move towards AVG Internet Security, this will include stopping and blacking undue access to viruses, spyware, and malware, blocking of unsafe links downloads and email attachments, scan your PC problems, get real-time updates on viruses and malicious activity going on (if any), secure data with strong shield of antivirus, keep hackers at bay with enhanced antivirus, avoid fake browsing for shopping and include antivirus services for Android too. If you want to know deep information regarding the same, then you can ring on AVG support number. 

Installation of AVG Security Support

If you want to experience safe access to your digital device or internet browsing, then it may include some protected tips like: 

  1. Installing AVG Program: For installing or syncing antivirus protection on your digital device. You need to keep in mind that your system has not installed with any other security solution. This will avoid conflicts and errors in your digital devices while installation the software.  
  2. Download the software: You can download the file from the AVG website. Here, you need to keep in mind that AVG cannot be installed for Mac OS X. 
  3. Run the software: You can easily run the software by downloading it from the website. Here, you need to select the language of your download and then proceed further. For better and professional installation, you can also contact AVG technical support phone number. 
  4. Accept the agreement and license: you must accept license and agreements so that you can move forward with the installation process. 
  5. Select the free installation: After checking that no conflicting issue will be raised, AVG will be asked to choose which type of installation process you will be having. 
  6. Wait for AVG to get installed: Once your installation is configured, you need to wait for time before you can get the best and safe features of AVG antivirus. 
  7. Restart after smooth completion: For better installation process, you need to restart your device. 

If you find any difficulty in understanding the process, feel free to call on AVG tech support number. 

Un-Installation of AVG Security Support

Being one of the world-renowned antivirus services, AVG or Anti-Virus Guard will provide easy and safe uninstallation process so that no residual file can ever remain back and hamper your functionality, even after AVG antivirus does not get sustained by your device.  This process include a list of ways. 

  1. For Windows 10, 8, 7: Log in to your PC and make sure that no other functionality or antivirus working is carried on simultaneously. Go to the Windows icon and select app and features from the menu bar that appears. Within the app and features list, you will get hold of AVG antivirus free and select uninstall. If prompted by the User Account Control dialog for permission, click ‘Yes’. There you will get another dialog box which will contain an uninstall button. Click yes for confirming uninstallation. Wait while you setup wizard removes AVG antivirus free from your PC. Now, you can restart your digital device so that the installation process can be followed.  
  2. For Mac: Click the AVG antivirus icon in the bar, then select the Open AVG antivirus. Click AVG antivirus in the menu bar, then select the uninstallation process. With the dialog box, you can uninstall AVG antivirus. If promoted, use your Touch ID or enter your administration user name and password and click OK for grant permission of the uninstallation process. Click quit. Thereby your uninstallation process is complete. 

AVG Malware Removal Online Support

As discussed above, AVG antivirus is the best antivirus solution that one cloud find. Leveraging with free antivirus tool, you can get assistance 24x7 without any technical glitch. For better assistance, you can take help through AVG support number.

The support team will present working remotely for your help. It will all happen in front of you so that a transparent bonding will be managed. Now, if you want to check or keep an eye for any malware attack, you need to check these.

You need to note that whether your system is running slow, are you getting disturbed or don’t know from where the pop-up message comes up, computer program that is happening all by itself or any foreign software is functioning simultaneously with the general functionality.

This may also include that you can hear the loud sound of the hard-drive functioning. Now, if you find that your working has a virus in it, then you need to Enter Safer Mode, delete temporary files, download a virus scanner, and run a virus scan. 

AVG Live Chat Online Support

Being one of the best antivirus organization and a subsidiary of Avast, functions 24x7 with any communication failure. Be it any request regarding installation, uninstallation, Subscription and amount.

AVG antivirus provides the whole soul services related to antivirus. Users having Windows 10, 8, 7 or Mac can have AVG antivirus support for their system. There are a couple of service which AVG antivirus will provide, AVG Remote virus removal, AVG premium tech support and AVG express installation.

Not only that, any user can raise his/her request through ‘Customer Support’ or individual people or for personal use or ‘Business Support’ for organization and business purpose. 

If not through that, you need professional assistance you can contact AVG customer care phone number.